The members of Wolf Recon are constantly training. Being active in the airsoft community helps grant experience to each member of the team; however, classroom, scenario, and target range training helps keep everyone's skills sharp as well.

The team has created a full set of training and SOP (standard operating procedure) programs for the members to participate in. These detail anything from basic tactics to advanced tactical moves such as formations, VIP escort, hand signals, and assaulting positions.

In order to keep these all organized, Wolf Recon has a fully detailed team doctrine. This handbook evolves with the team, and it is a resource of everything we practice and train.



There are numerous roles that someone can fill in a squad, all of which are different in terms of playing style.

In order to be good at squad roles, members train for the various archetype roles on a squad. These include Rifleman, Grenadier, SAW Gunner, Medic, and Marksman. When a member goes through the applicable training, they earn a tab that displays their preferred role.

Members who undergo advanced training beyond each role can wear the Warfighter tab, which represents the members ability to fulfill all roles and fill in any gaps during games.




Beyond the role training, each member of Wolf Recon may choose a specialty rocker (upside down tab).

A specialty is unique to each member or a small group of members, and it represents a special niche that the member fills for the team. That member goes through specialized training related to their Specialty and becomes the "go to" person for topics related to it.

Examples include Commo, EOD, Command, Quick Reaction Force, Frontline, Assault, Scout, CQB, Engineer, and Intel.



There are two programs within Wolf Recon that are unique to our team; the PUP and ALPHA tabs.

The PUP tab is reserved for the newest members of the team. They wear the PUP tab above their team patch as part of their initiation and finally remove it when another member joins or when a set amount of time passes.

The ALPHA tab is reserved for the members of the team that have volunteered for, and passed, the ALPHA program. The ALPHA program is our team's version of "Ranger School" and involves intense training, a long commitment time, near flawless attendance, elevated duties and responsibilities, and emotional and operational tests. The premise behind it is to challenge the individual member with some of the harshest conditions presented by any airsoft teams in the sport. Once completed, the tab represents the members position among the elite in the sport.