To contact the Wolf Recon Airsoft Team, you may email us directly at

We regularly practice on privately owned land located in Merrimac, WI. Check out our schedule on the forums to see when the next available practice date is.
Click here for our waiver, which must be filled out prior to practicing on our field.
The address to this property is...
S6104A Highway 113
Merrimac, WI 53561

Our team is very active on our message boards, so feel free to visit them and create an account. Our schedule of events and practice dates are also located on the message board.


Wolf Recon is always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. Our team is not meant for everyone, as some players realize when they consider joining our team.

We have a lot of fun, participate in gaming and social events, hang out, and goof off... but we also train a lot, play as hard we can, do a lot of military simulation (mil-sim) games and scenarios, require active attendance, and have higher expectations than some other teams.

If this sounds like a team you would like to be a part of, send us an email. The first step is to come out and play with us and make yourself known to our team members because all new members are brought into the team by a team vote.


In order to join the team, all potential members first become recruits. A recruit is someone who practices with us, tags along during games, and shows interest in joining the team. Spending time as a recruit gives us a chance to get to know you and gives you a chance to see if you would fit into the team.

Although we do not have an age requirement, we do recognize the challenges of having younger members on the team. We are an adult team, and while we normally do not recruit anyone younger than age 16 and prefer all members to be 18 or older, we are willing to make exceptions if it works out for a member and their parents.

We only recruit individuals that are close enough to regularly attend practices and events; you must be able to attend at least 2 team functions per month to be considered an active member. Most of our members are located in the Wisconsin Dells and Madison area of Wisconsin.

Wolf Recon does have a team uniform that we wear most of the time. It gives us uniformity, makes us look like a team, and shows others that we are organized. Periodically we allow members to choose their own uniform for certain practices and events.

Because of our hard playing style and high attendance, all Wolf Recon members are expected to have and maintain a higher level of gear than some teams. Many of us have numerous loadouts and backup weapons. We do not impose any definite restrictions on your gear (other than requiring eye pro, hydration, and communications gear) but if you want to be on Wolf Recon, you are expected to have all the gear that is necessary to play.

Everyone on the team is required to train on a regular basis. This comes in the form of practices, shooting ranges, scenarios, and physical conditioning. We are constantly training and it helps give us an edge above some other teams. We play very hard and expect everyone to do the best they can and become as skilled as possible.

Wolf Recon was based on the foundation of good sportsmanship and respect. All members are required to uphold a professional image and do their best to maintain it regardless of the situation. Elitism and bad attitudes are not tolerated on the team. Whether on or off the field, new players should always feel comfortable approaching the members of Wolf Recon.

And finally, our team does consider ourself a mil-sim team, so we do follow a chain of command. Rank is earned and has a monetary dues requirement to the team per year. How these dues are spent by the team is decided by membership votes. Members are expected to follow the orders of those outranking them and listen to command. This was established to help us stay cohesive as a team; there is no room for lone wolves on Wolf Recon.

If you are still interested in joining after reading all of the above, then we want you to contact us and become a recruit. We look forward to hearing from you!



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